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Bike Culver City

Watch our Candidate Forum

Moderator David Coles asked a few questions to Alex Fisch, Freddy Puza, Devin Yaeger, Dan O’Brien and Khin Khin Gyi.

Tip: Click on the time code to jump to the question in the video.

Opening statements

1. What is your assessment of the pilot Move Culver City project on Washington and Culver Blvds? Do you support making it permanent? Do you support advancing Phases II and III on Sepulveda and Jefferson?

2. In July, a Fox Hills pedestrian was killed after getting hit by a car driver in a crosswalk. The driver was not cited, suggesting that this tragedy occurred even while everyone involved was more-or-less following the rules. Do you believe that speed limits are too high in Culver City? Would you support a city-wide maximum of 20mph?

3. Few people would argue that the situation on Main St. is working well, with the street pedestrianized on Tuesdays and weekends, while being opened to car traffic the rest of the week. The street has lacked activization and the local businesses have clearly not seen the conditions as conducive to investing in the extra street space. What is your vision for Main St. and downtown Culver City more broadly?

4. Micromobility infrastructure, such as bike lanes and pedestrian amenities, has never been a high priority in Culver City budgets, meaning the City’s ambitious plans are chronically underfunded. How would you work to remedy this?

5. How do you get around? Do you ride a bicycle? Do you think Culver City is a safe place to ride a bicycle, not just for yourself but for the general public?

6. Is there anything else you didn’t get a chance to say that you would like to share

MOVE Culver City Feedback Report

Bike Culver City members have ridden, walked, bused, circulated, photographed, and discussed the Move Culver City project at length and are happy to have the opportunity to offer our comments on the project in an exhaustive 65 pages report.

This report talks a lot about Dutch-style intersections, so here is a quick explainer.

What can we learn from the Parisian Bike Revolution?

Bike Culver City learned about the transformation of Paris from a polluted car-centric mess to a people-and-bike-centric Super City from one of the principal visionaries behind this work: Charlotte Nenner.
Former Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells was our moderator.

About Us

Bike Culver City, formerly The Culver City Bicycle Coalition, was formed in 2010 to make Culver City a safer, more bike-friendly community.

Bike Culver City is an all-volunteer, member-supported organization that encourages cycling, educates cyclists and motorists for safer streets, advocates to make Culver City more bike-friendly, and supports the successful implementation of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (unanimously approved by the City Council in November 2010).

We are a local chapter of the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition A 501(c)3 non profit organization.

Check out our previous website for previous projects.

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By joining the Bike Culver City, a local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC), you will be supporting our efforts to make Culver City safer and more bike-able. Your BCC membership supports our local advocacy and outreach efforts.

When you become a BCC/LACBC Tandem Member ($35 and up) you will be supporting local and county advocacy and also receive:

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Bike Culver City

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